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Exmark Vantage S-series Mower Parts

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Exmark stand-on commercial mowers need genuine Exmark parts to keep them going. Whether you're doing routine mainenance or replacing a worn out deck belt, ShanksLawn.com is your best source for Exmark parts. The Vantage S-series is used by many lawn care professionals. It's overall length is shorter than a conventional zero turn mower, so it's easy to maneuver on and off a crowded trailer and around small yard spaces. The Exmark Vantage is operated by a simple twin lever steering system that controls both forward/reverse motion and steering. A small reference bar can be adjusted (without tools) to set the forward drive speed. If you have a specific parts question, ask us with our Parts Assistance service.

Here is a list of Exmark Vantage S-series Mower Models

  • VTS541KA363 S/N 313,000,000 & Up 
  • VTS541KA363CA S/N 313,000,000 & Up 
  • VTS651KA484 S/N 313,000,000 & Up 
  • VTS651KA484CA S/N 313,000,000 & Up 
  • VTS691KA524 S/N 313,000,000 & Up 
  • VTS691KA524CA S/N 313,000,000 & Up 
  • VTS730EKC524 S/N 313,000,000 & Up 
  • VTS740EKC604 S/N 313,000,000 & Up