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Exmark Stump Grinder Parts

  Tree removal is often necessary at some point for those who own property. Sometimes a tree dies requiring its removal or a tree may be taken down in a windstorm. After the branches are removed and the trunk is cut into manageable lengths, there is always one thing left standing. The tree stump.

  Tree stumps are difficult to remove; hence the reason many are left to become unsightly landmarks while time and weather slowly erode them. Tree stumps can be entirely removed quickly with the use of a stump grinder. Exmark makes 2 stump grinder models so you can match the stump grinder to the job.

  The stump grinders feature the patented Quadrublade cutting wheel engaged with a centrifugal clutch. Instead of beating the stump away, it’s designed to smoothly cut through the stump much like a router with its 12 tip, tungsten carbide 9.5-inch diameter cutting wheel.  The grinder teeth are driven by a cogged belt on the SG200HN and by a double 3-V belt on the SG390HN.  The SG200HN can cut stumps 10" high down to 6" below the ground. The SG390HN can cut stumps 14" high down to 11" below the ground level.

  Efficient, commercial-grade Honda GX200 or GX390 engines power the Exmark stump grinders. Rubber gaskets isolate components to reduce operator fatigue.

  Genuine Exmark Replacement parts can be found at  ShanksLawn.com  using the online parts lookup tool. As a certified dealer, we stock a full line of  OEM Genuine Replacement Parts  ready for immediate shipment.

Here is a list of Exmark Stump Grinder Models

SG200HN S/N 312,000,000 & Up
SG390HN S/N 312,000,000 & Up