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The Exmark rotary sweeper broom has a bristled brush 36" wide and 25" in diameter. 5" guide wheels on the front can be precisely adjusted up or down. The power steering controls make this sweeper very easy to maneuver. The drive system has 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds while the broom itself is direct drive. The broom can be angled 20 degrees to the left or right for a total angle spectrum of 40 degrees. The broom spins at about 200 RPM. Drive tire size is 25" x 5".

Exmark is primarily a manufacturer of premium commercial mowing equipment. They have expanded their products to include several pieces of turf management equipment. One of these machines is the Rotary Broom. It is useful in both turf and property management applications.

The foremost feature is obviously the 25-inch diameter bristle brush. The 36-inch wide brush is available in two types of bristle material. The rotary broom comes standard in a black bristle material, perfect for snow or gravel removal from paved or concrete surfaces like sidewalks and driveways. A yellow bristle material made specifically for turf is also available along with turf –friendly casters. This brush is less aggressive and works well for sweeping grass clippings or leaves. Moving two simple pins on the front caster mounting bracket allows the broom head to be adjusted in 1/8” increments.

The rotary broom is powered by a commercial-grade 7 HP Kohler engine. The engine is designed for multi-season use and can be changed from warm to cold environments by rotating the air intake 180°.  Trigger control power steering makes easy maneuverability during operation. Independent control levers allow the drive system and the broom rotation to be engaged separately from each other.

The Exmark Rotary Broom is an excellent addition to any maintenance fleet. Keep the rotary broom serviced and maintained with OEM replacement parts from ShanksLawn.com. Use the eXmark online parts search tool to find parts easily.

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BR270KC36 S/N 313,000,000 & Up