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Aeration is an important part of turf care and management. Aerating solves the problem of compaction, allowing water and air into the soil. When soil is packed hard, grass roots can't get enough oxygen. But if you aerate the grass, the root system is healthier because "gas exchange" can take place. Aerating also improves soil drainage which allows water to get to the roots, and prevents diseases. The best time to aerate depends on the type of turf you have. It's recommended that warm season grasses be aerated in the late spring or early summer, and that cool season grasses be aerated in the fall or early spring. Basically, this means that you should aerate grass at a time when it's actively growing. The Exmark ARS180KA21, ARX481KA24 & SAR481KA30 aerators fill a vital role in Exmark's Turf Management product line. These aerators are powerful, commercial-grade and productive. The ARS180KA21 and the ARX481KA24 are walk-behind style aerators with 21" and 24" aerating widths, respectively. Both are easy to use. The larger ARX481KA24 can aerate at speeds of up to 6.5 mph and can be used with a stand-on sulky for extra operator comfort. The SAR481KA30 is a 30" wide stand-on riding aerator It can work at speeds up to 7.0 mph, aerating up to 2 acres per hour.

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ARS180KA21 S/N 312,000,000 & Up

SAR481KA30 S/N 312,000,000 & Up
SAR481KA30 S/N 313,000,000 & Up