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Woods SS Snow Blower

Available in models ranging from 52-108-inches wide, Woods brand snow blowers are designed to attach directly to your tractor’s 3-point hitch for easy mounting and removal. In addition, Woods snow blowers are built to provide consistently reliable performance in heavy, wet or even frozen snow.

Woods PRD7200 Finish Mower

Woods premium rear discharge finish mowers, the medium-duty PRD-series, are engineered for maximum performance and efficiency. The PRD-Series mowers are designed to leave a smooth cut, with uniform distribution of clippings, on all types of grass, including tough southern varieties. A strong 8-gauge steel deck withstands commercial-duty workloads and our powerful 60 hp gearbox has a five-year limited warranty.

The PRD-Series mowers are available in 5 foot, 6 foot, and 7 foot cutting widths, in colors to match major tractor brands, including orange, green, blue, and two reds.  Combine our engineering excellence and extra durable parts and you’ve got years of worry-free performance. See for yourself why Woods’ premium finish mower is the ultimate “Tested. Proven. Unbeatable.” rear discharge mower on the market.

Woods RCC42 Rotary Cutter
The RCC42 compact rotary cutter cuts through grasses, weeds, and light brush up to 1-inch in diameter in pastures, trails, fence rows, meadows, and gardens. Sturdy side frames with tapered full-length side skids, and a smooth, sloped deck that sheds water and debris are just two of the quality features that ensure years of worry-free performance.
Woods Aerator

The Woods core aerator helps reduce soil compaction in heavy soil conditions. Case hardened 1/8-inch-thick spoons core the earth to allow air, water and minerals to revitalize the toughest turf. This professional grade plugger will provide years of maximum productivity for  projects ranging from light-duty lawn care to professional landscaping. Available in 48, 60 and 72-inch widths.

Woods Post Hole Auger
 Woods’ commitment to professional-grade, high quality equipment is evident in its line of post hole diggers. Heavy-duty welded construction and a rugged gearbox, with tapered roller bearings, spring-loaded seals, and forged steel teeth, offer the durability you need for big or small jobs, whatever the soil conditions. Available as three-point hitch attachments for category 0, category limited 1 and 1, and cat. 2 tractors. A wide range of auger diameters and types are available to meet a variety of needs.
Woods Rear Blade
 Woods landscape blades are designed for maximum performance with minimum down time. Durable, formed moldboards are curved for rigidity and strength. Adjustable blades allow you to adjust the tilt, angle, and offset to match the job. Available in standard, medium, and heavy-duty models in lengths ranging from five to ten feet. Whether it’s landscape grading, construction clean-up, or snow removal, rely on our full line of grading blades for years of performance and durability.
Woods Turf Renovator
 The Woods Super Turf Renovator is a versatile, two-in-one landscape tool that can seed fresh soil or renovate existing lawns and pastures – no need for freshly turned soil. Tapered steel pins on the front rollers agitate and prepare the ground. The seed box follows soil preparation with steady, even seeding. The back roller finishes the job with the right level of push to cover the seed. All this versatility without changing equipment! Simply engage the seed box drive mechanism to add seeding capabilities. Also available without the seed box.
Woods Tillers
  Woods new line of rotary tillers couples the best design features with outstanding performance for the discerning user. Our new TS and TC series tillers will handle all of your landscaping and gardening projects with ease. All TS and TC models are available as either forward or reverse rotation tines. In many conditions, counter rotating tines on reverse rotation tillers will till deeper and faster than forward rotation models. Regardless of which tiller is right for you, Woods high quality products will be sure to meet your needs.  If you need an even heavier duty tiller for commercial applications, take a look at our gear drive series, the GHT for up to 50 hp and the SGT for up to 70 hp tractors.
Woods Quick Hitch
The Woods TQH1 Quick Hitch is designed to make easy work of changing from one 3-point hitch attachment to another.  When hooking up to a variety of implements, you often don't even have to leave the seat of the tractor.  The lower hooks automatically lock the implement into place. Most Woods products are quick hitch compatible and can be used with the TQH1; rear blades, box scrapers, landscape rakes, finish mowers, cutters, disc harrows, pulverizers, aeratores, seeders, tillers, chippers, and more.
Woods Box Scraper
From the reinforced steel A-frame to the tough, reversible cutting edge, and replaceable shanks, Woods box scrapers are designed for exceptional durability and versatility. Full-length, double beveled cutting edges improve cut. High strength moldboards will withstand years of rugged use. A comprehensive line of standard-, medium-, and heavy-duty models are available in widths ranging from 48 to 84 inches. There’s even a rollover model for industrial use. The SR Series features a retractable scarifier bar that is operated from the tractor seat, making it both versatile and easy to use.
Woods Landscape Rakes
Woods landscape rakes are built with the rugged durability you’ll need for tough clean-up jobs – and the versatility and fine raking features for light-duty lawn care and general maintenance. Our landscape rakes feature high strength box-type beams and spring-steel tines for handling rocks, dirt, or sand. Each model offers multiple angle positions and can pivot 360 degrees
Woods Front Deck FZ Mow-n-Machine
 The Woods FZ-Series front-mount Mow’n Machines have their cutting decks mounted in front of the tractor and operator, offering many benefits compared to a mower with a mid-mount deck.  With a long wheelbase, they distribute weight more evenly, improving ride comfort over other commercial zero-turn mowers.  Add in the standard full suspension seat and operator fatigue is greatly reduced. Plus the long wheelbase makes them easier to maneuver on long straights.  With the deck out in front, visibility is greatly improved and it is easy to cut under low growing foliage.  And Woods FZ-series zero-turn mowers are built to full commercial standards, so they’re as tough as they come.