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Cordless Handheld Outdoor Tools

OregonOregon Cordless Tools

Oregon 40V handheld tools

Oregon's 40V MAX cordless tools are built for hard work. Homeowners and professionals alike choose these durable Oregon tools for their excellent features: the Oregon Swift Load trimmer head on the 2-in-1 trimmer/edger, a chainsaw with built-in PowerSharp chain sharpening, a low-vibration hedge trimmer with 24" dual-reciprocating blades and always quiet, hassle-free cordless power.

Shop for Oregon tools:

  • Chainsaw
  • Trimmer/Edger
  • Hedge Trimmer

Oregon's 40 volt lithium-ion battery packs provide no-fade power and long run time. You can get a standard 2.4 amp-hour battery or a high capacity 4.0 amp-hour battery; both are compatible with each of the Oregon cordless tools. There are also two chargers: a standard charger and a rapid charger which cuts charging time in half.

CORECORE - Gasless Power

CORE gasless tools

CORE cordless tools are driven by a smart new patented electric motor technology, Conductor Optimized Rotary Energy (CORE). The simple design places the motor windings in a multi-layered circuit board. This electronically controlled circuit plate works as a stator between two permanent magnets. The design produces greater torque with a motor that's compact, lightweight, sturdy and efficient.

CORE technology Shop for CORE tools:

  • Trimmer
  • Blower
  • Hedge Trimmer
  • Power Lok system (Consists of a drive unit to which you can attach a trimmer, blower or hedge trimmer attachment.)

The power source for the CORE tools is a rechargeable high-energy Prismatic power cell. Each of the products (blower, trimmer, hedge clipper) can be purchased with or without the power cell. The power cell can be used in all the tools. A mobile power/charging system, the Quad Power Pak backpack, allows you to plug your tool into 4 cells at once for 4x the normal cell runtime, and charging on-the-go.

Cub CadetCub Cadet Li-Ion Tools

Cub Cadet Li-Ion Tools

If you have outdoor tasks to do around your home but don't like the trouble of starting noisy, engine-powered equipment, Cub Cadet Li-Ion tools are for you. Cub Cadet's lithium-ion battery powered tools come in handy anytime you need to trim up your yard.

Shop for Cub Cadet tools:

  • Chainsaw
  • Trimmer

The weed trimmer comes with a battery and charger. The other tools come without them. You can use the same battery pack and charger for all the Cub Cadet Li-ion tools you own.

Cordless electric outdoor tools save time, fuel costs and hassle. Rechargeable batteries are so easy to use compared to the chore of mixing gas for ordinary 2-cycle power equipment. At Shank's Lawn Equipment in Chambersburg, PA, we stock, sell and ship a broad selection of cordless handheld equipment: chainsaws, pole saws, weed trimmers, hedge clippers, blowers, and the batteries, chargers and accessories to go with them.
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