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The Hydro Gear HGM Wheel uses super efficient axial piston motors to provide superior performance and seamless power to the wheels. With a large 1.375 inch axle shaft and two stage gear reduction the HGM-H series wheel motor utilizes drive tires up to 26" in diameter. The Hydro-Gear HGM has a maintenance free internal wet disc brake. The HGM compliments industry standard Hydro Gear Hydraulic pumps to complete a commercial quality drive system.

Here is a list of Hydro Gear HGM Models

HGM-10E-3058    HGM-12E-3054    HGM-15E-3051    HGM-18E-3052    HGM-24E-3057
HGM-10E-3059 HGM-12E-3131    HGM-15E-3052    HGM-18E-3056    HGM-8P-7181
HGM-10P-7182 HGM-12P-7172    HGM-15E-3055    HGM-18E-8790
HGM-12C-4005 HGM-15C-4006    HGM-15E-3132    HGM-18E-8802
HGM-12C-4025 HGM-15C-4026    HGM-15E-3138    HGM-24E-3041
HGM-12E-3050 HGM-15E-3036    HGM-15P-7131    HGM-24E-3053