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You'll need the model and serial number of your Quick Vent Saw to find parts for it. Here's where to look:

With the unit OFF, look below the bar and chain cover. The serial number tag is a black and silver tag that is riveted to the crankcase.

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We sell and ship parts for Echo Quick Vent Saws!

Original factory parts for Echo Power Equipment. If you have a specific parts question, ask us with our Parts Assistance service.

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We have parts for these Echo Quick Vent Saw models:

  • QV-670 S/N: 03001001 - 03999999
  • QV-670 S/N: 04001001 - 04999999
  • QV-6700 Type 1
  • QV-6700 Type 1E
  • QV-680 S/N: C03403001001 - C03403999999
  • QV-8000 Type 1
  • QV-8000 Type 1E