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Where to find the model and serial number of your engine drill:

The serial number tag is located on the gearbox housing, on the carburetor and fuel cap side of the engine.

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Parts for these Echo Earth Auger models:

  • EA-400
  • EA-410 S/N: E01904001001 - E01904999999
  • EA-410 S/N: S05503001001 - S05503999999
  • EA-410 S/N: S05636001001 - S05636999999
  • EA-500 S/N: E02103001001 - E02103999999
  • EA-500 S/N: E03004001001 - E03004999999

Parts for these Echo Engine Drill models:

  • ED-200 S/N: 05001001 - 05999999
  • ED-200 S/N: 07001001 - 07999999
  • ED-2000 Type 1
  • ED-2000 Type 1E
  • EDR-210 S/N: 05001001 - 05999999
  • EDR-210 S/N: 07001001 - 07999999
  • EDR-2100 Type 1
  • EDR-2100 Type 1E
  • EDR-2400 Type 1
  • EDR-2400 Type 1E
  • EDR-260 S/N: E01705001001 - E01705999999
  • EDR-260 S/N: E01807001001 - E01807999999