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Echo BearCat Chipper Shredder

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Solid, welded construction, strong motor mounts, large loading hoppers and large chipper chutes are some of the features you'll come to appreciate with this line of mid and full sized chipper/shredders.

Two reversible chipping blades and 12 serrated shredding knives are the most efficient method of reducing debris.

Add an optional blower so you can direct the flow of chips and debris into your pickup box or a trailer.

Serrated reversible shredding knives are the best in the industry, with a history of performance that surpasses flat hammers in cutting stubborn debris. Bear Cat shredders use a staggered pattern to give better performance.

Echo Bearcat Chipper
 For ease of use and rugged reliability, it's hard to beat these commercial grade, heavy-duty machines. Highway towable to your work site, you can select from self feed or hydraulic feed models.

Features include a 15 inch diameter feed roller containing 10 knife blades, four-reversible chipping blades, adjustable 4-sided anvil and an 8 inch round discharge chute.

The 30 inch diameter, 1.25 inch thick dynamically-balanced chipper disc weighs 275 pounds and produces tremendous chipping power.

A unique 360 degree rotating bed permits the operator to feed the hopper from any direction; a real advantage when the work is curb side and road traffic is a potential problem. The 8 inch discharge chute also rotates a full 360 degrees, so you can direct the flow of chips into a pile or the back of the truck.
Echo BearCat Chipper
Invest in the chipper that's loaded with new standard features to make your job easier. Our new breed of chipper can handle branches up to 6 inches in diameter, with the ability to chip the toughest brush with ease.

The 26 x 1 inch thick, 165 pound dynamically-balanced disc with cantilever design reduces wrapping while utilizing 4-reversible chipper blades, and an adjustable 4-sided anvil.

Features include a 6.7 inch rectangular discharge chute, and a live hydraulic feed system with a variable speed feed roller with instant reverse. Our newly developed "try again" feed system automatically retries feeding limbs. The feed sensor is factory installed and standard equipment on these 6 inch chippers. The feed roller is 15 inches in diameter, containing 10 knife blades for enhanced powerful feeding. The discharge chute extends to the end of the hitch for efficient loading and quickly rotates 360 degrees with ease. The 6 inch chipper is available with a choice of gas or diesel engines. All models have a 6.5 x 13.5 inch feed opening with a wide open feed chute measuring 36 x 35 inches.

The triple banded belt drive provides a better transfer of power. The Bear Cat 6 inch Chipper also features a telescopic tongue with 2 inch ball coupler, torsion axle suspension, adjustable jack stand with wheel and adjustable rear stabilizer. The 60 inch wide trailer is ideal for tight roads, storage and maneuverability.

Echo BearCat PTO Chipper
 When a 4 inch or 5 inch PTO chipper is what you need, Bear Cat has the right machine for you. You choose the model based on your power requirements. If you have a utility tractor with a 540 rpm PTO, one of these is your pick.

Built Bear Cat tough, yet compact in design, the 4 inch and 5 inch chippers will handle your debris recycling problems.

Model CH4540 or hydraulic feed Model CH5540H both come equipped with a 20 x 1.25 inch, 140 pounds dynamically balanced steel disc with four reversible chipper blades, easy feeding with a big 27 x 28 inch feed hopper and 5.5 x 7 inch chipper opening that defies small side limbs, 360 degree rotating 6 inch discharge chute. The CH4540 has a 15 inch diameter feed roller with 10 knifes.
Echo Bearcat 4.5" Chipper
The CH45540 4.5" PTO Chipper is built with a heavy-duty, 7-gauge chipper housing and trailer construction. It contains a double-banded belt drive and features a feed chute opening 13 x 14.5 inch. The 14 x 1 inch thick, 49 pound dynamically-balanced disc with cantilever design reduces wrapping while utilizing two reversible chipper blades. A 4.5 inch square optional discharge chute with deflector cap directs the chips and raises the discharge of chips into the trailer or back of a pickup.